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Thai Retirement Visa

Thai Retirement Visa

Thai Retirement Visa

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What is it

  • Thailand retirement visa is an extension of Non-Immigrant O or Non-Immigrant OA Visa and can also be referred to as an Extension-of-Stay
  • It allows an individual to stay in Thailand 1 year interrupted
  • You need to renew it every year under the same guidelines
  • You can request it to be a single entry or multiple entry.


  • You must be 50 years of age or older
  • Financial requirements:
    • Security deposit of THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account for 2 months prior to the visa application
    • Have a Monthly Income of 65,000 THB
    • Combination of security deposit and income with a total of 800,000 THB


Supporting documents:

  • A recent copy of your updated bank book or passbook together with a bank letter stating that the money had been deposited to the account from an overseas source for not less than 2 months prior.
  • An income letter from your embassy verifying your monthly income Certified by your local embassy
  • …or a 12-month bank statement that shows regular deposits of 65,000 baht Documents that may be required to be presented upon request
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Health Insurance

How to Apply

  1. Apply for the Non-Immigrant OA in your home country by submitting the application and all the required documentation to the Thai embassy.
  2. Apply for a Non-Immigrant O by first applying for a 90-day non-immigrant tourist visa from the Thai embassy in your home country. You will then be required to wait 60 days before applying for your Non-Immigrant O Visa. In addition to the above documentation they will require you to show utility bills, a rental agreement, etc.) as proof of address.

How to Apply

  • The application for the Non-Immigrant OA visa may require you to show Police Clearance, a Medical Certificate and an Annual Health Insurance policy.
  • All foreigners entering Thailand need to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) from the local application for the COE requires Alternative Sate Quarantine Hotel (ASQ) reservation for the mandatory 14-day quarantine and COVID-19 Travel Insurance.
  • You must report to the immigration office your current address every 90-days
    • If the retiree is not in the country when the report is due, the counting for the 90-days will start again after re-entry to Thailand.
  • Multiple entry permits are required to avoid cancellation of your visa if you wish to leave the country during your stay to avoid your visa from being canceled.
  • The required amount of money must be in your bank account 3 months prior to your renewal.
  • personal effects cannot be imported to Thailand duty free according to the Bureau of Customs.

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